Creating a public FOSS mirror

Jurjen Bokma

August 2009

Procedure 41.  Installing the O/S
  1. I did it like described in .

  2. In /etc/aliases, create an alias for root that points to an actual user, and an alias for that user that directs his/her mail to an address outside of the system. Then run sudo newaliases and try the new config with:

      echo "This is the (almost) empty mail3"|mailx -s "rootmail from lwp21" root

    The user should receive mail.

  3. ntpq -p

Procedure 42.  Mirroring
  • I made a package, so in /etc/apt/sources.list, put:

      deb lenny experimental

    Then do

    apt-get update
    apt-get install scaramanga

    ... and edit /etc/scaramanga/scaramanga.conf to your liking.