Creating a yum repository under Debian

Jurjen Bokma

July 2007

We have a server running Debian, but we want to serve packages to machines running Scientific Linux (a RedHat clone). We try to set up a yum repository.

Procedure 72.  Setting up the repository

Now we can configure the client to use our repository by putting the following stanza into /etc/yum.conf:

[My Repository]

Usage of yum (and other package managers) is nicely described in the Naked Ape's PackageManagerCheatSheet.


There is a catch though: some rpm files will not be accepted by yum-arch, either with a message error public key not available or simply with ignoring bad rpm: <filename>.

createrepo will not complain, but whether it is passing or just silently ignoring I did not test.

Nice repositories to steal from are Dries's and Dag's.