IBM Tivoli on Debian

Jurjen Bokma

July 2007

IBM's Tivoli is a storage solution that the RuG uses for backup/restore. It can be downloaded here. Documentation for the client is supposed to be here, but that takes you to a generic entry point where you have to search for the correct route to the actual docs first. I find this a good starting point.

Procedure 70.  Log of Tivoli installation
    1. The dsmj executable supports only java 1.4 and no higher. SUN doesn't offer version 1.4 for amd64. So we try Blackdown java:

    In the above dsm.sys, we temporarily set RUNASSERVICE to NO. Then we run the dsmc program once and issue the command query schedule so it starts a session with the server and provides for an automatically updated password in /etc/adsm/TSM.PWD. And we set it back to YES.

  1. We can now start dsmj by slightly modifying Conference under Docker It will still give us errors after some time, but it runs long enough to exclude some ftp mirrors from being backed up.

    In order to be backed up nightly, the server needs to have the scheduler running, which is started by dsmc sched. We create an initrc from /etc/init.d.skeleton and make it start and stop saying update-rc.d tivoli defaults.

[35] Do fetch them both. Some libs are only in the former

[36] This puts files in the unpack/opt and unpack/usrdirectories, of which the latter contain just symlinks.