Imaging Linux boxes with Zenworks imaging

Jurjen Bokma

January 2008

Table of Contents

Novell Zenworks has so-called preboot services, one of which is imaging. My colleague Arjan has set up and maintains a few imaging servers, and I'm trying to find answers to the following questions:

Can ZENworks imaging be used to clone a Linux machine (and if so, how)?

Yes, it can, but only to a very limited extent. I restored a simple setup with the root filesystem on a primary partition (/dev/hda1) and swap on a logical (/dev/hda5). I was able to include the the swap in that image, but restoring it failed. Then I took an image that excluded the swap, but when I restored that image, the swap partition was left out as well. So... if we want to restore a Linux disk that has a swap partition, we have to do some partitioning by ourselves. That may be practical for the occasional restore, but it isn't for an enterprise grade deployment system.