Installing 64-bit Maple 11 under Linux

Jurjen Bokma

August 2008


The preliminary steps for this installation are identical to those described under Conference under Docker of Conference under Docker.

  1. ssh

    sudo mkdir /mnt/loop
    sudo mount -o loop,ro /home/jurjen/MAPLE11-LINUX.iso /mnt/loop/
    cd /mnt/loop

  3. sudo sh ./installMapleLinux64

    sudo su -
    cd /opt/local/bin
    /opt/local/bin# ln -s  /opt/maple11-64bit/bin/maple ./maple11.64bit
    /opt/local/bin# ln -s  /opt/maple11-64bit/bin/xmaple ./xmaple11.64bit
    /opt/local/bin# ln -s  /opt/maple11-64bit/bin/mint ./mint11.64bit

  5. /opt/local/bin/xmaple11.64bit


    You may want to set your path, so you can just type Mathematica.64bits