On configuring CfEngine

Jurjen Bokma

July 2007

Table of Contents

In a freshly installed Debian Etch, the package cfengine2 comes with

The server part

  1. First of all, the server needs to run. Modify /etc/default/cfengine2:

    RUN_CFSERVD=1  1
    RUN_CFEXECD=0  2


    The server must run


    If the server isn't a client of another server, best leave this off. Circular dependencies don't seem like a good idea at this time.


In order to make the update.conf and cfagent.conf available fro clients which don't have a configured cfagent yet, iserv also makes them available through ftp, by placing a copy in e.g. /srv/ftp/pub/local/os/linux/distributions/sl/installer/scripts/ [39]

[38] iserv Is a suite I made. It consists of a couple of scripts that generate configuration files for various services using a central stash of known variables like network addresses of interfaces, serviced domains, etc. There is no use in looking for it on the Web, as it is not past the kludge phase, and I haven't open-sourced it yet. If anyone who reads this knows of an existing system that can do this, I would be grateful for a quick notification.

[39] This location is not the only one that carries a copy, and subject to rapid change over time.