On Using the G: drive under Linux

Jurjen Bokma

June 2007

The G:-drive is an ncp volume. In order to mount is, ncpfs is needed: apt-get install ncpfs. Then mount it saying: /usr/bin/ncpmount -S Cluster02_usr04_server -U p012345.staff.rug.nl -P PassWd -V /Usr04/Acc/P012345 -t 900 -r 30 -A cluster02-usr04.staff.rug.nl /home/username/g [54] [55]

[54] Both the -S and -A options need to be specified, with arguments.

[55] The argument of the -S and -V options can readily be derived from the comments about the Server Volume Name (following the Drive letter in Windows Explorer. The argument to the -A option takes some black magic if these comments are well formed and informative, or may have to be sniffed or pried out of a DOS box.