RedHat Certification

Jurjen Bokma

September 2007

We are going to do the installation and management of a large number of Linux desktops, possibly in various configurations and in multiple subnets. We already have a basic idea of how to manage this, and we know how to it on a small scale. Still, a course on how to do it using RedHat would be nice. Skills we need to learn:

  • How to do system administration RedHat-style

  • How to create rpm packages.

  • How to install a RedHat box through PXE.

  • How to maintain and monitor a lot of RedHat boxes pull-style. (i.e. Using a satellite server)

  • How to maintain a lot of other machines (i.e. linux, but not RedHat) wit the same tools.

We go to theRed Hat Training Pre-assessment Questionnaires in order to test our skill. Some questions are rather RedHat-specific. Anyway, we score (on 033, 133, 253): 36,36,30 (Jurjen), 40, 36, 33 (Heiko), 30, 36, 27 (Arjan). So perhaps we would like to follow