Replacing the certificates of a standalone Ubuntu Landscape appliance

Jurjen Bokma

September 2009

  1. Plenty of examples of that around, left as an exercise to the reader.

  2. ... in /etc/ssl/certs, and make sure the permissions are set appropriately.

  3. In /etc/landscape/server.conf on the server that hosts the Landscape appliance, fill in these:

    ssl-certificate-key = /etc/ssl/certs/1241723442-key
    ssl-certificate-crt = /etc/ssl/certs/pubcert
    # This one is optional
    ssl-certificate-chain-crt = /etc/ssl/certs/Issuer.pem

  4. cd to the parent directory of and run sudo ./


    You will need the root password for the appliance: the script will ask for it when uploading the certificates.

  5. sudo /etc/init.d/landscape-appliance stop
    sudo rm -f /var/run/landscape-appliance
    sudo /etc/init.d/landscape-appliance start

    Now, the appliance URL should load into browsers without errors.