We conclude that 'i386' is probably the best description of the contents of this package. But if you try to install the amd64 version, you 'll run into the problem that it fails to recognize the architecture of your host. This is because the package is a re-wrapped Red Hat build. Whereas Red Hat calls 64-bit architectures 'x86_64', Ubuntu calls them 'amd64'. This lack of testing has been fixed at

The Depends: line of DEBIAN/control doesn't mention libmotif4, nor nspluginwrapper. So they don't get installed, so wfica fails to run.

Both these fail are fixed by a script debfix-citrixpkg:

apprentice@packagehost:~/packaging/citrix$ sudo ./ icaclient-12.1.0_i386.deb

But there are worse fails in the package: it was never built on Ubuntu. The executables and libraries were merely repackaged from the rpm, so presumably they were compiled on Red Hat, possibly version 6. On Ubuntu Precise, some symbols are missing, and some entire libraries aren't even available. This means to me that the program may break without warning, when it tries to call a function which' signature has changed, or even a missing library.

In fact, the wfica program does run on Ubuntu Presice, and on Debian Wheezy as well. But it also breaks sometimes. Several times a day in my case. All of a sudden, it's just gone from my screen. For some newer version of Ubuntu (e.g. Raring), I get reports that it doesn't even start at all.