Citrix Receiver 13.0.0 on Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty

Jurjen Bokma

June 2014


The Citrix ICAclient doesn't work on Ubuntu Trusty out-of-the-box. It still fails, but this is what I did.

Table of Contents


This procedure gives a package that doesn't depend on any libwebkit*. This makes it possible to install the package at all on my Ubuntu, but the program 'selfservice' will not run. I have yet to find out how it loads any libwebkit without being linked against it. Some plugin system perhaps? Anyway, for my purposes, the loss of 'selfservice' is trivial: I never use it.

My employer uses the Citrix ICA client to offer access to a SBC workplace accessible from anywhere. Anywhere doesn't seem to include Ubuntu Linux though. The package offered by Citrix just doesn't work. I offered to construct a better one, but I don't even get a response from Citrix.

Well then, here's how to get their El Cheapo package to work somewhat on Ubuntu Trusty anyway. Use it at your own risk. I don't add any danger here that wasn't already in the package. But it could still break your Ubuntu.