Creating a Debian-logo-like text in SVG

Jurjen Bokma

July 2009

The text in the Debian Logo, according to this thread, appears to be in a font called Poppl Laudatio Condensed owned by a firm called Berthold. This information can be found by uploading the font to WhatTheFont?.

The red color used in the logo is RGB web safe - 221, 17, 85.

Armed with that information, we can create our own texts in the Debian Font.

Procedure 66.  Creating a custom text in font used in the Debian logo.
  1. Well, purchase it, of course! (You wouldn't use Usenet Replayer or BitTorrent, would you?)

  2. We're going to put the fonts in /usr/share. This is actually a huge NoNo, as fonts added by the admin should go in /usr/local/share. And because I'm creating this text to put it on a T-shirt for a deb-packaging course, it's an even bigger shame. But it works.

      sudo cp -rp Berthold\ Font\ Collection/ /usr/share/fonts/truetype/

  3.   sudo fc-cache

  4. Now, the font can be selected in e.g. inkscape, and texts can be created with it.