Creating images for a dual boot UWP Windows XP + LWP Ubuntu Karmic Koala

Jurjen Bokma

November 2009

  1. Ask at WPD/Arjan's for the intended original to receive the LWP gPXE menu.

  2. Overwrite the MBR with zeroes. This needs to be done from the partitioning menu before partitioning , but for the time being, do it like this:

    The point of this is to enable Windows to succeed in rebooting after the first (file-copy) stage of installation. If you don't zero out the MBR but the Windows install still succeeds, then that is fine and zeroing out the MBR was unnecessary in the first place.

  3. From the LWP-devel Network Boot Menu, choose LWP-Menu Arjan (imaging), then Maintenance, then Partition Harddrive, then 3. Partition1: 40GB, Partition2: 30GB, Partiton3: remaining space. Let the PC repartition and reboot.

  4. From the LWP-devel Network Boot Menu, choose UWP-Menu Arjan (unattend), then from the CIT Desktop Services PXE menu, choose Install Windows XP. Type your username and password when prompted, and when appropriate reassure the installer that you really want to install. Let the machine run-reboot-run-reboot-run-reboot-run until a Windows login dialog shows.

  5. From the LWP-devel Network Boot Menu start the latest LWP unattended install. When it restarts, catch it before it boots, or it won't be suitable for cloning. If catching it is a PITA, ask Jurjen to have it stop automatically before reboot.

  6. ... with information on how to actually clone the freshly installed machine.