Installing the NNO-demo from USB-stick-started network

Jurjen Bokma

December 2009

If you don't have control over your own DHCP server, the instruction in are not particularly useful. However, you can still install your machine(s) unattendedly by booting them from USB-stick prepared according to the instructions below. After booting, the rest of the installation instructions will be retrieved from the network, so you still needa network connection.


And you must be lucky enough that your NIC is supported, or clever enough to add support yourself.

  1. Surf to the ROM-o-matic site, and choose the output format USB keychain disk image. Pick whatever options you like, but also choose the customize button, and in the embedded script box, put e.g. the gPXE bootscript you can get from the Gryplet Demo. Then press the Get Image button to retrieve the image that is being generated for you.

  2. sudo dd if=~/Downloads/gpxe-0.9.9-gpxe.usb of=/dev/sda


    Don't be so stupid as to not check whether /dev/sda is indeed your USB-stick. It might be your harddisk.

  3. Be sure to enable booting from USB in your BIOS.