Labelling partitions during Linux unattended install

Jurjen Bokma

August 2008

Table of Contents


Some unattended Linux installers support installing in the free space on a disk. When using such installers, it is convenient to be able to remove old versions of the same installation prior to the partitioning stage. This can be done by labelling the filesystems on the partitions we create, and later remove partitions by label.


There is of course always the risk of a user naming their data partition with the same label we are using. And there is the chance of a partition losing its filesystem or filesystem label, thus getting stuck on the disk. The first is just stupidity against which there is no cure. The second will require manual intervention.

GNU PartEd, findfs, mkswap and e2label are not all available in the installers under scrutiny... But perhaps we can tag the filesystems with files...