More information about iPrint queues

We can also find out more about any printer queue served by iPrint, through the program ipptool. With a properly formatted printerinfo.ipp

# Get printer information
  # The name of the test
  NAME "PrinterInfo"

  # The request to send
  OPERATION Get-Printer-Attributes
  GROUP operation-attributes-tag
  ATTR charset attributes-charset utf-8
  ATTR language attributes-natural-language en-us
  ATTR uri printer-uri $uri
  ATTR name requesting-user-name $user
  ATTR keyword requested-attributes

  STATUS successful-ok

  # What to display in text mode
  DISPLAY printer-name
  DISPLAY printer-make-and-model 
  DISPLAY printer-location

one can get the desired information:

apprentice@pc:~$ ipptool -Il ipp:// printerinfo.ipp
printer-name printer-make-and-model    printer-location                              
------------ ------------------------- ----------------------------------------------
PRN104208    RICOH Aficio SP 8200DN PS MYP-5431-0133-Ricoh MSP8200DNR, LocalPlaza 11.

In fact, one gets pretty much all the available information from the printer is one comment out

#  ATTR keyword requested-attributes
#       printer-name,printer-make-and-model,printer-location

and does:

apprentice@pc:~$ ipptool -IX ipp:// printerinfo.ipp
<serious amount of XML output snipped for brevity>