Precise print to iPrint

Jurjen Bokma

January 2013


Running the Novell iprint rpm through alien doesn't yield a package that works out-of-the-box on Precise. But with little work it can be made to work. And there are ways to contact the iPrint server without the client.

Table of Contents

The Problem

Novell iPrint is a printer service/server. (The download link for the Linux client is on that page, but works only if you register). "Linux client" is a bit of an optimistic nomer: it is a SuSE Linux Enterprse Deskptop client. Not even in OpenSuSE is it supported, let alone in other Linux distributions. And it isn't Open Source either.

I made and used a package like using iprint with ubuntu previously, and others have done it more recently) and used the resulting package for a long time, but in Precise, it doesn't work any more.

The rest of this article describes how to build a new iPrint package for both Ubuntu Precise and Debian Wheezy, and what can be done with an iPrint server if no iPrint package is available.