(Project) Quota on XFS and Ext4FS

Jurjen Bokma

Last modified: "2018-05-18 10:02:23 jurjen"


How to quota on ext4fs an project quota on XFS (according to Philippe, our trainee).

Table of Contents

Project Quota on XFS

  1. We assume that you have an XFS filesystem on device. To enable quota on it, edit (as root) /etc/fstab:

    device   mountpoint  xfs     defaults,pquota 0       0

  2. mount -oremount mountpoint

    (Make sure the mountpoint exists.)

  3. Open /etc/projects and add the project:


    (Choose number and project_name.)

  4. Open /etc/projid and add the name of the project and the number:


    This is also a good moment to create the project directory.

  5. xfs_quota -x -c 'limit -p bsoft=500000 bhard=600000 projectnamemountpoint

  6. To see how many mb/gb/tb the project uses, and how much time of the grace period is left:

    xfs_quota -x -c 'report -h' mountpoint
      me:~$ sudo xfs_quota -x -c 'report -h' /mnt/D
      Project quota on /mnt/D (/dev/sda3)
      Project ID   Used   Soft   Hard Warn/Grace
      ---------- ---------------------------------
      p            4.1G   2.9G   4.1G  00 [5 days]
      h              4K  1000M   1.2G  00 [------]
      i              4K  1000M  19.5G  00 [------]
      l               0   9.5M  19.1M  00 [------]

  7. xfs_quota -x
      xfs_quota> project -s l
      Setting up project l (path mountpoint/project_name)...
      Processed 1 (/etc/projects and cmdline) paths for project project_name with recursion depth infinite (-1).