Samba with CTDB and AD authentication on SuSE Linux Enterprise 11

Jurjen Bokma

March 2012

  1. I don't have an unattended install for SLES as I have for Debian and Ubuntu, so I have to go through the manual installation process. I disable the firewall and (thus) allow ssh traffic.

  2. The download instructions of CTDB tell me to say:

    root@testbox:~$ rsync -avz .
    root@testbox:~$ tar zxf samba-latest.tar.gz

  3. Now we've got a directory ctdb and one samba-3.6.3. There is a guide How to Compile Samba.

    But this presentation by Rolf Schmidt, and the SLES HA Guide in general suggest that the SLES copy of Samba could already be suitable for use with CTDB. So let's just compile CTDB for starters...

    root@testbox:~$ cd ctdb/
    root@testbox:~/ctdb$ ./
    root@testbox:~/ctdb$$ ./configure
    root@testbox:~/ctdb$$ make

  4. root@testbox:~$ yast -i samba samba-winbind yast2-samba-server

  5. Unfinished

I'm going to set up a Samba server with AD authentication. Later on, I'll try to make it do DFS as well. Must keep in mind that If a server fails, the client can select a different server transparently to the user. One major caveat regarding this flexibility is that currently-open files will potentially become unusable, as open files cannot be failed-over. according to the Wiki entry on DFS.

How DFS Works