Samba with AD authentication using LikeWise-Open (and Ubuntu Precise)

Jurjen Bokma

March 2012

  1. It is wise to not install likewise-open before samba. If you do, samba will import all AD-accounts, which may be many.

    apprentice@testserver:~$ apt-get install samba likewise-open

  2. apprentice@testserver:~$ sudo domainjoin-cli join AdminUser VerySecretPasswd
    Joining to AD Domain:
    With Computer DNS Name:

    You should reboot this system before attempting GUI logins as a domain user.
    apprentice@testserver:~$ sudo domainjoin-cli fixfqdn
    apprentice@testserver:~$ sudo reboot


    The listed is not the actual FQDN of the system.

  3. sudo samba-interop-install --check-version
    Found smbd version 3.6.3
    Unsupported smbd version 3.6.3

    Well, this try ends here.