Tivoli/SpectrumProtect Debian Packages

Jurjen Bokma

Last modified: "2019-05-07 15:07:45 jurjen"


IBM's Tivoli/SpectrumProtect packages for Debian can be improved. I did.

Table of Contents

Materials from IBM

IBM offers .deb packages of its Tivoli client (version, although Tivoli now seems to have a new name: Spectrum Protect. Unpacking the tar archive gives the following files:


Of these files, all .deb archives can be sent straight to a package repository. [2]

The file tivsm-filepath-source.tar.gz contains the interesting part, and we are going to look at it in more detail.

[2] Lintian has some remarks on these packages. But we don't have the sources, so there is little we can do.