Ubuntu Linux as client of Active Directory server

Jurjen Bokma

October 2011

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This section contains a lot of incomplete and unverified information. It is really no more than loose notes.

That being said, I did get this working, to some extent. What worked was a Windows 2008 PC sharing C:\Shared, and the Linux PC mounting it with properly configured mount.cifs, Kerberos, WinBind and nameserving. The command to mount the share was:

apprentice@testbox:~$ mount.cifs //netbiosname-ofwindowsbox.testdomain.local/Shared ~/myShared -o domain=TESTDOMAIN,user='SomeAdmin@TESTDOMAIN.LOCAL',sec=krb5,netbiosname=netbiosname-of-windowsbox.testdomain.local

The testing environment

Figure 1.  The CIFS/Kerberos test environment
The CIFS/Kerberos test environment, with DNS and DHCP servers and a SAN outside the test VLAN, and AD servers and PCs inside it.