Wake-on-LAN with Yukon2 NIC

Jurjen Bokma

November 2009

So my Shuttle box has a BIOS that lacks the options to let it boot from the clock automatically every day. But I have an OpenBSD box that is always on, and I wake the Shuttle up On LAN from there:

  1. In /etc/init.d/wol, put:

      ethtool -s eth0 wol g

    Then be sure to

    sudo chmod a+rx /etc/init.d/wol
    sudo update-rc.d wol start 80 S .

  2. Now you can call sudo /etc/init.d/wol manually, or even better, reboot, then shut it down.

  3. export PKG_PATH=http://lwp21.service.rug.nl/openbsd/4.4/packages/i386/
    sudo pkg_add wol

  4. On the OpenBSD box, say:

    wol -i 00:11:22:33:44:55

    And the Shuttle boots.

  5. Use crontab -e and put something like:

      05 17 * * *

    to make it boot daily at five past five p.m.